BUY HORSE AND CAMEL SUPPLIESVeterinary Medicine supplies Dubai and the UAE and the rest of Asian and African Countries with quality Horse medicines, Camel medicines, and general veterinary medicines to promote performance and overall health of your livestock, racing animals, and domestic pets. We carries only the highest quality medicines and feed additives for animals in order ensure optimal results. We distribute our products throughout the United Arab of Emirates and Gulf region.Our lineup of products are for horse stables, camel farms, chickens, and other livestock. Our medicines fall into two main categories, performance medicines, and health medicines.




Primo Medicines is the sole distributor or Vetoquinol in the UAE. Our products are developed and regulated in the European Union to be safe and effective to the claims we make. Vetoquinol veterinary products are designed to enhance the performance and health of more livestock, horses, and poultry. We carry stock of Vetoquinol for stables, veterinary clinics, and private users.


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Equistro is the height of equine medicines. Recognized around europe as the best in horse health and performance, Equistro is the go to brand for horse enthusiasts. Primo has partnered with Equistro to provide the latest in established veterinary medicines approves from Europe so the UAE’s horse industry can raise the bar and standards of performance while also improving horse health.


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buy horse and camel supplies

Primo supplies the WORLD with vitamins and medicines that increase the performance of your horses and camels. Increase speed, improve hoofs, shinier coat, gain in muscle mass; Primo Veterinary carries it all.

buy horse and camel supplies

Veterinary Medicines

We carries medicines that improve the overall health of your horses and camels. Our imported medicines meet strict regulatory requirements from Europe and are guaranteed to deliver the results.

buy horse and camel supplies

Livestock and Pets

Our imported Veterinary medicines are designed increase the health of your animals in order to increase life expectency, performance, weight, milk production, and overall return on investment.

buy horse and camel supplies

We launched a new medicine in the UAE, which is Forcyl Injection

March 20th, 2018|0 Comments

Marbofloxacin that hits harder,treats faster with only one injection.FORCYL CATTLE is there whenever you need advanced treatment of mastitis and respiratory diseases. FORCYL® CATTLE hits harder >Attains very high levels of plasmatic concentration • […]

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Vetoquinol: Producing over 700 Veterinary Medicines for Livestock and Companion Animals

March 18th, 2018|0 Comments

Why You Should Put Your Trust in Vetoquinol to Improve Your Animal’s Health Vétoquinol is a veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory that develops over 700 veterinary medicines for both livestock and companion animals. Vetoquinol products are sold […] BUY HORSE AND CAMEL SUPPLIES

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Best Medicines and Supplements for Horces, Camels, Pets, and Livestock in the UAE

January 20th, 2018|0 Comments

Horces, camels, livestock and pets are susceptible to many diseases and disorders. Providing the best medicines and supplements to ensure their optimal health and performance is of paramount importance for pet and livestock owners and […]